Sheffield Action for Ministry Equality is a collective of various people within the Diocese of Sheffield who are using this space to seek to improve the quality of conversation about esteeming the ministry of all, for Goole, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Dinnington, Sheffield and their surrounding areas.

Sheffield Action for Ministry Equality made its focus from 9 March to 17 March on Prayer.

It’s purpose so far has been to consider how those in the Church of England Diocese of Sheffield can make sense of equality for all in ministry. We have a News blog with daily updates and a whole Opinion section with items from people in the Diocese of Sheffield including from: Janet Morley, Julie Upton, Sue Hammersley, Sioned-Mair Richards, Ian Owers, Nick Jowett, Jeremy Clines and Ali Dorey plus a guest piece from Joanna Collicutt.

We also offer suggestions for Action.


Here are some of the latest items from the News blog:

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What Might Happen Next for Sheffield?

6pm Thursday 9th March

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Sheffield issues on Sunday local radio: 5 March

Reputation and respect—4 March

Response to the letter from Blackburn

The nomination is unsafe

News from Elsewhere: 3rd March

Latest Sheffield News: 2nd March

News from the region 28/02;

News Round-up 27/02;

Sheffield Speaking Out—What Do Want? (26 February ’17);

Action options (added 26 February ’17);

Here’s the latest news for 25 February 2017.