Equal Ministry news for Sheffield: latest

[More recent news Mon 27 Feb available here.]

In the last 48 hours a sequence of news stories have broken about Equal Ministry and the nominee for the See of Sheffield—i.e. the next Bishop of Sheffield.


Women and the Church (WATCH) have published a statement on Mutual Flourishings and how that relates to the challenges facing those wanting equal ministry in the Doncaster, Goole, Rotherham, Dinnington, Ecclesfield and Sheffield areas.

Modern Church have published an article by Martyn Percy asking for Philip North to consider his position as the nominee to become elected as the next Bishop of Sheffield. This article also raised the question of ID Cards for traditionalist male priests.

The Martyn Percy article has been reported on in The Guardian, PremierThe Sheffield Star, and Christian Today .

There has been a sequence of news media responses to this including an opinion piece by Archbishop Sentamu in The Yorkshire Post saying that opposition to the nomination ‘simply won’t do’.

On Twitter Bishop Paul Butler spoke of ‘an unwarranted attack‘ and the CofE Comms blog published something about how all was in place for this nomination.

Meanwhile a former Dean of Sheffield, Michael Sadgrove expressed concerns about the situation.


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