Sheffield issues on Sunday local radio: 5 March

same-sheffield-speaking-outThere was a positive exchange between the Roses this morning as Radio Sheffield and Radio Lancashire had reciprocal phone-calls with people from Blackburn and Sheffield dioceses and featured two people from Sheffield Action for Ministry Equality. Ali Dorey on BBC Sheffield and Jeremy Clines on BBC Lancashire. Ali and Sue Hammersley also featured on the BBC Radio 4 Sunday programme.

Radio Sheffield: Steve Bailey show
First up was Revd Canon Fleur Green speaking with Steve Bailey on BBC Sheffield from 0:11.40 to 0:20.15. She expressed understanding about where the people in Sheffield Diocese are and talked of the positives people have found working with Bishop Philip.

Steve Bailey continues at 01:11.29 to 01:23.38; first with a brief re-cap clip from Bishop Philip and then 11 minutes with Revd Ali Dorey (North Sheffield Estates) who talks of the pain and distress in the Diocese of Sheffield and also questions the process considering the recent history of fault-lines and how flourishing isn’t being realised at this point in South Yorkshire and the challenge of having a member of the Society (of Wilfrid and Hilda) not just as a suffragan but a diocesan bishop. Ali reads a comment from Linda Elms too.

The topic gets further attention at 01:37.00 to 01:46.16 with Steve Bailey first talking to Revd Eleanor Robertshaw (Great Snaith) for 5 minutes about her support of the nomination because of Mutual Flourishing, 5 Guiding Principles and keeping unity in the church. Canon Liz Paver (Diocese of Sheffield General Synod lay representative) then speaks of how she believes the same legislation needs to be shown to work in the Diocese of Sheffield.

The final segment is from 01:50.10 to 01:55.50 with Steve Bailey featuring tweets, posts and a call from someone called Catherine [spelling unknown] expressing puzzlement and asking for more dialogue and opportunity to ask questions and wondering about the painfulness of the journey. (Plus the main news headline 02:00.10 to 02:00.45).

Radio Lancashire: Joe Wilson show
Joe Wilson’s report from 02:22.26 to 02:32.30 begins by repeating the Fleur Green call with Steve Bailey from BBC Sheffield. This is followed by Joe speaking with Revd Dr Jeremy Clines from Sheffield (from 02:24.45 onwards) who speaks of strong feelings and distress that are being worked through. He speaks of the prayerful discernment challenge for how to respond to the nomination. He identifies that we don’t want a false or superficial unity, but a genuine communion. Jeremy also identifies the reaction in public life and speaks of what he hopes for once Bishop Philip is elected.