Two Sheffield prayers

Version 4

First, a prayer written for the current situation.

Loving God
help us all to be honest before you and with each other;
help us to tell it like it is,
but to do so gently, with grace.
Help us to listen carefully to one another’s pain
and to take it seriously.
Give us more patience with one another than we could possibly have without your help.
And through this time please guide Bishop Philip and Bishop Peter and all of us;
Show us your way and remind us of your love at every turn.

(Ali Dorey)

A more general prayer written, in Sheffield, for the first week of Lent.

God of power and peace,
your Spirit cast out
Jesus the Christ-servant
into the wilderness.
Angels and animals were with Jesus.
Just as Christ stayed in your love
may we stay with you even
when the journey is hard.
Gift us, too, with the company of
animals and messengers of peace.

(Jeremy Clines)