An MP’s letter plus new opinion pieces (7 March)

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A Sheffield MP, Louise Haigh (Sheffield—Heeley) has written a public letter about women’s ministry and the nomination for the See of Sheffield.

On this site Janet Morley, a lay-person in the Diocese of Sheffield, has offered to SAME an opinion piece on how the Church of England has ceased to be one church and has become an ecumenical partnership (A single church or a partnership?).

Also on this site Joanna Collicutt has offered a psychological reflection on ‘splitting’ and how it is possible for certain members of the Church of England to succeed in holding contradictory views in tension (Splitting: a psychological reflection).

In a similar vein, but with a broader wider perspective, Prof Pete Ward, looks, in a new article, at what he calls the issues that are highlighted by ‘North-gate’. He outlines how different sections or ‘styles’ all have to adopt a unifying narrative to deal with the cognitive dissonances of sharing the habitation of the CofE. This requires, “like in Fight Club” that this fact of difference never gets mentioned.

Andrew Lightbown hosts a new complex theological analogy by Martyn Percy about the Diocese of Sheffield as a family restaurant and the nominee as the abstemious restauranteur.

A new prayer section has been added to the SAME site.