SAME speaks alongside many voices: 12 March

Version 4

Some of the SAME strategy group went to join in the dialogue with Steve Bailey on BBC Sheffield (1:37.45– 1:51.15), this morning to speak about ministry equality and Rt Revd Philip North, the Bishop of Burnley, withdrawing from being the nominee for election as the next Bishop of Sheffield.

Revd Ali Dorey, Revd Dr Jeremy Clines and Revd Sue Hammersley spoke, on the programme, alongside many other voices, after a self-chosen time of complete silence for reflection, prayer and mourning since 6.30pm on Thursday.

Rt Revd Peter Burrows, the Bishop of Doncaster importantly spoke earlier (1:13.28 – 1:20.45) in the programme, explaining “this isn’t a time for pointing fingers, for recriminations, it’s a time to take time to reflect and pray and consider the next steps”. Speaking about Sheffield Action for Ministry Equality, when he was asked if SAME acted in the right manner, he said they had acted “with integrity”. He also said he didn’t think that people from Sheffield “were making personal attacks”.

Bishop Peter spoke immediately after a brief clip from Revd Dr Emma Percy from WATCH (1:11.22 – 1:13.27) who had spoken earlier in the programme (0:15.27 –0:21.00). Emma’s conversation with Steve followed on from an interview with Archbishop Sentamu and with Revd Canon Ian Smith a Diocese of Sheffield member of the Crown Nominations Commission that nominated Bishop Philip.