After Sheffield: blogs debate flourishing in the C of E

Version 2We link here to key blogs from the wider debate about how to be in a truly flourishing communion in the C of E since 9 March when the Sheffield situation changed. Wider attention has begun to shift away from Sheffield Diocese; though the consequences for those within Sheffield are significant as shown by Imogen Clout’s SAME Opinion piece Disciples Think—They Don’t Just Follow and also the presidential address to the Diocesan Synod by the acting diocesan, Peter Burrows, Bishop of Doncaster.

Theology and Flourishing (11 March)
A reflection on how we can truly flourish. This has gained significant attention. It’s by Kimberly Bohan from Lincoln Diocese.

The limits of inequality (11 March)
This carefully reasoned and sustained argument by Savi Hensman on the Ekklesia site was written and published early on. It includes the closing remark:

To learn from past mistakes and foster healing, perhaps deeper sharing and listening are needed. This may involve admitting that churches often treat some people as being worth less than others; instead of pretending that all are equally loved and taken into account.

The Stirrings in Sheffield (11 March)
This legal piece, by David Pocklington, looks at whether the second choice for the post will get nominated. (Many Sheffielders know this blog title as a local folk-opera about the trades union movements in the early steel industry.)

Broken promises (12 March)
The next day, by evening, Jeremy Pemberton provided this blog—fully titled “On infidelity, broken promises and hounding: why Elaine Storkey is wrong.”—as a counter-weight to a post on the Fulcrum site Mourning our Infidelity earlier in the day.

Illiberal liberals (14 March)
Jonathan Clatworthy (formerly in Sheffield Diocese) had already provided a substantial trilogy of blogs 1, 2, 3, before 11 March, this one deals with the criticisms of liberals being illiberal.

Blame Game (15 March)
Andrew Lightbown looks at what happens when people want to find who is responsible for what has gone wrong. He had written a week before on Episcopacy and Flourishing and hosted a piece by Martyn Percy and even earlier thoughts on Sheffield’s gordian knot.

Learning from our Disagreements (17 March)
Revd Charlotte Bannister-Parker finds intersections between the reaction to the Sheffield situation and the take note debate on the House of Bishops report on sexuality. Addressing this complexity is handled with confidence.

Inconsistency (18 March)
There is a fifth piece by Jonathan Clatworthy on liberal inconsistencyCatholicity and Covenant join in that debate, responding to him and also to Imogen Clout‘s local piece here on SAME about What Happens when Disciples Think, mentioned above.

Taking the wounds of the Church seriously (18 March)
The Bishop of Oxford, Steven Croft, spoke on Saturday, in his presidential address to the Oxford Diocesan Synod about the global and local, political and church situations and doesn’t reference Sheffield and yet talks about how we can be church and be it together.