There are many ways to be an ministry equality activist; some want to go public about this in the Diocese of Sheffield area from many backgrounds and traditions and some, beyond this area want to express their support. Some just want to get on with it, and there are suggestions below.

Sheffield Action for Ministry Equality invites people to publicly say they are wanting to be known as local activists in the Goole, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, Dinnington and Sheffield areas. For the list of public activists, see below.

It is also inviting people beyond the boundaries of the Sheffield area to publicly identify their support for such activism, simply by offering their name (and with an option to offer practical support too).

Others may not want to be public about their activism here, but there are many many options for activism: here are some suggestions.

pray for insight and compassion;

– write letters or re-post other people’s letter;

[- previously there was a pastoral letter to Rt Revd Philip North to sign.]

– join the debates online and if on Twitter include @shefminequal;

– comment on news stories that invite comments;

– do art, write music and poetry, get it up online;

– offer something for this website by emailing us;

– join relevant Facebook groups, including our group and like our page;

– look at the published list of activists (below) and talk to them and support them and pray.

Public Activists

Andy Cribb
David Anson—Husband of woman priest
Dorothy Cook—Deanery Synod member and Board of Faith and Justice
Judith Jessop—Methodist Pioneer Minister
Judy Robinson
Karen McCreanor
Keith Arrowsmith
Revd Ali Dorey—Mission Development, North Sheffield Estates;
Revd Canon Julie Upton— Vicar, Manor Parish;
Revd Dr Jeremy Clines—Anglican chaplain to the University of Sheffield;
Revd Hilda Isaacson
Revd John Schofield—Chair, St Mark’s Centre for Radical Christianity, Sheffield
Revd Sue Hammersley—Vicar, St Mark’s, Broomhill.