Further prayers


Six Prayers

1. Loving God,
your Spirit renews the face of the earth
and in our communion you renew our life together.
Give those with no food, bread;
and those with bread, the hunger for justice.

2. God of the gaps
you are in what we can see
and what we cannot.
Help us stretch our spiritual muscles
during this season of Lent
so we may delve deeper into
the mysteries of your love
and the dangers of being your followers.

3. God our maker
and our journey’s end;
in Jesus, our brother,
you travel the road to freedom with us.
Fill us with your Spirit
that we may labour with our sisters
brothers and the whole creation
towards completeness in you.

Three simple prayers for all ages
God of love
4. Jesus knew what it was like
to feel very small in a big world.
Help us know you love us,
if we don’t feel sure.

5. God our maker
our world is so big
and there are so many people.
Help us to find our place
among the people and
creatures of the earth.

6. Dear God, when we find it
hard to understand, help us.
When we find our world too noisy
bring us to a quiet place.
When we need to think clearly
help us take some time out.